August Newsletter 2018

From the Pastor’s Desk…August 2018
Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.
~ Psalm 119.37 ~
Every so often, perhaps when I get tired of seeing news stories and YouTube nonsense, I
think about this verse of Scripture. So much of our world is filled with worthless things to see
and hear and experience. Sometimes we have an experience of something worthless and we
think, “I’ll never get that ten minutes back!” As we grow older, time becomes more valuable.
We don’t particularly care to have our time wasted with worthless things: the story someone
tells that is way too long and not close to being interesting, the news item that tells a slanted
version, the incompetence that forces us to wait far too long in line. (But, to counter our
frustrations, we lean on the patience God has taught us in our years.) We yearn for this prayer
of Psalm 119.37. Lord, turn our eyes...God can and will turn our attention away from that
which we need not see. His Spirit and Word teach us to discern and remember the things of
value. Recently I’ve been praying that the Lord turn my eyes from worthless foods! Looking
at worthless things draws our hearts and minds away from God. Looking at worthless things
distracts from the things of worth and may even quench the Spirit (1 Thess. 5.19).
The second half of Psalm 119.37 implies that looking to the things of worth will lead to
life and looking at worthless things will, therefore, lead to death. Paul also expressed this need
to look to good things in Philippians 4.8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is
honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if
there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” When
we turn our minds toward the things of God, the things of the world no longer have power to
rob us of life. Worthless things lead only to anxiety and fear. Worthless things lead to attitudes
of scarcity and mistrust. By contrast, thoughts anchored in God’s Word lead to life and hope
and confidence. The things of God lead us to weigh the value of things and determine where
to direct our eyes. More importantly, God is turning our eyes! God is giving us life in His
ways! This is the life long journey of seeking to mold our wills into God’s will. It is becoming
like Christ and having Christ formed in us (Gal. 4.19). As we see more and more the troubles
of this world, let us be ever mindful of pursuing God’s ways, in His Word and by His Spirit. In
that pursuit we will have peace no matter the chaos surrounding us. ~~ Pastor Ed


Ushers for August
Herb McClaugherty
Larry Emerson
Joe Allen
Dewey Russell

Coffee Hosts & Greeters
To Be Announced

July Liturgists
Aug 5 – Pastor Ed
Aug 12 – Zane Lawhorn
Aug 19 – Mitchell Lawhorn
Aug 26 – Pastor Ed

Time With Children
Aug 5 – Pastor Ed
Aug 12 -TBA
Aug 19 - TBA
Aug 26 – Pastor Ed

Larry & Adolia Emerson 08/05
Rich & Sandy Work 08/10
Wilber & Carolee Jones 08/11
Steve & Amy Oliver 08/20
Greg & Donna Shay 08/21


Richard Daisey 08/03
Lindsay Crowley 08/05
Carter Halsey 08/07
Donna Lawhorn 08/07
Fred Sparks 08/09
Amy Oliver 08/14
Martha Wells 08/17
Joyce Timson 08/18
Lois Redden 08/21
Dean Evans 08/22
Grover White 08/23
David Burks 08/24
Juliane Johnson 08/25
Amanda Putorek 08/28
Billie Short 08/28
The August birthday recognition date
will be announced.


Chacel Flowers

Aug 5 – In memory of Stoner Parsons’
90th birthday from Regetta & family
Aug 12 - open
Aug 19 - open
Aug 26 – open
If you would like to sponsor flowers for the
worship service in memory or honor of a
loved one, please call the church office. The
cost is $15.00.


PPC Women’s Luncheon and Bible Study
We have been meeting since January and studying from The Discipline of Grace
written by Jerry Bridges. We are currently on Chapter 5, so if you haven’t attended
thus far, it is not too late! We will be meeting throughout the summer and our
luncheon and study schedule is shown below. If you need the book, The Discipline of
Grace, we have 2 copies available in the office. The cost is $16.00.
Our Summer schedule:
Aug 25 – 11:00 am: Chapter 7 “Obeying the Great Commandment”
Chapter 8 “Dependent Discipline”
Sep 25 – 11:00 am: Chapter 9 “The Discipline of Commitment”
Chapter 10 “The Discipline of Convictions”
If we see this schedule as unrealistic,we will adjust it. We are very flexible! The
luncheons have been delicious, and our study time together has been enlightening and
relaxed. Please come and join us. This is a time for all the women of the church to
come together for fellowship and spiritual growth.


Summer Choir

Our choir will continue to rehearse this year on an
adjusted summer schedule as follows: August 15 and
Regular schedule will resume in September. All
summer rehearsals will go from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm.
This will help our choir stay active in the summer
months and also help us be better prepared for the
upcoming Autumn season. Consider joining the choir
and lend your voice in worship to God. ~~ Robin


From the Kester Family
Thank you for the cards, texts, memorial donations, calls and especially the prayers for our family during the loss of our father Samuel Kester. We appreciate and love everyone in our church family. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.
Blessings, Mike & Linda Kester


A Women’s Mini-Retreat is scheduled for Saturday, August 11 from 9:30 til 11:30 a.m. at the Lewis Community Center in Oak Hill, WV. The spiritual retreat is titled “Take A Deep Breath!” So ladies, let’s take a deep breath, renew our spirits, and have some fun together! We will carpool from the church and will be leaving at 8:00 a.m. The cost is $20 each (or $15 each if ten or more of us attend). If you are interested, please call the office and place your name on the list or you may call Diane Hall at 304-920-2507.


Monthly Donation For Tender Mercies
Each month we will be sponsoring a donation box for
Tender Mercies. Each month: Dry Beans, Rice, Baby
Diapers and Wipes.
August: Cereal and Breakfast Items. Please bring
donations to the donation box in the narthex. Items will
be delivered weekly to Tender Mercies.

Andrew Brunson, our imprisoned EPC missionary in Turkey, has been moved from jail to house arrest. While this is good news, still not the news we hope for in all charges dropped and set free. Please continue to pray for Andrew, his wife Norine, and their family. ~~Pastor Ed

Church Calendar of Events
Sunday School Each Sunday - 9:45 am
(Children Sunday School - Suspended Aug 5 and
resumes Aug 12)
Morning Worship Each Sunday – 11:00am
Choir Practice Summer Schedule
Men Praying The Psalms Aug. 4 - 8:00 am PPC
Annual Yard Sale Aug 4 – 7:00 am PPC
Women’s Mini-Retreat Aug 11 in Oak Hill
WIM Bible Study Aug 25 11:00 am PPC
CE Meeting To be announced
Deadline for Sep. Newsletter Articles August 25

Children’s Sunday School Resumes August 12

Box Top Collection
The students of Barbara Pettus at Princeton Primary are collecting BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION . Box tops can be found on many items including: cereals, tissues, flour and more. It is easy to collect and turn in: simply collect them in a plastic baggie and place in the resource center at the church. We appreciate any and all donations.


Preaching Series - "Ten Passages All Christians Shold Know and Cherish"  These are in no particular order, nor do they represent the top ten...just ten passages of many that are vital to know and cherish.  If you have others you would like Pastor Ed to consider for preaching, drop him a note!

Jul 29 - 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

Aug 5 - John 3:1-15

Aug 12 - John 3:16-21

Aug 19 - Exodus 20:1-17

Aug 26 - Exodus 34:1-10

Sept 2 - Deuteronomy 6:1-25

Sept 9 - Romans 5:1-11

Sept 16 - Mark 12:28-34

Sept 23 - Matthew 28:16-20

Sept 30 - Matthew 16:13-20




July Newsletter 2018

From the Pastor’s Desk...July 2018

    I heard a former ESPN sportswriter talking about the shift in morality in our culture.  At first I thought it was odd that a sportswriter had any insight into cultural shifts especially in morality, but then I remembered how far ESPN has gone out of its way to help that shift along (in a bad way) to more liberal and anti-Christian points of view.  The sportswriter spoke of a term that I remembered hearing years ago – false narratives.  His particular point was that social media, like Twitter, has given birth to many false narratives that would have never gained any traction prior to Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter often serves to exploit and overstate things to the degree that it produces a false narrative, a false story, that stirs people toward lies and misinformation about any particular topic.  
    Narratives are all around us and within us.  We all have a story and stories to tell.  Narrative is defined as “a way of presenting or understanding a situation or series of events that reflects and promotes a particular point of view or set of values”.*  Our world has always had narratives that present a false point of view.  The serpent in Genesis offered Adam and Eve a false narrative.  Satan tempted Jesus in the desert with multiple false narratives.  The world is filled with offers of false narratives.  One great problem is we now have to sort through news media and social media to arrive at what is false and what is true.  Every false narrative has its level of evil intent, from leading us to destruction to simply playing a joke on someone.  Many people today are so engrossed in their false narratives that they can see no other narratives and refuse to acknowledge the possibility that their narrative is false.  I suppose one becomes so arrogant that their narrative is the only narrative and all others must be opposed and even attacked at all cost.  
    Narratives have power to form and reform.  It is sad to think that so many people will one day understand that their narrative was a lie.  It is a sad day to discover that your life is a lie.  I remember the old story about the mother who, every Christmas dinner, cut the end off the ham before baking it.  “Why do we cut the ham?  Because that’s what my mom did before me and her mother before her.”  The narrative was set and no one knew why, only to find out grandma cut the ham only because her pan was too small.  “Oh, we don’t have to cut the ham.”
    Narratives give life or lead to death.  Narratives shapes lives for good or for evil.  Narratives lead us to God or away from God.  Our narrative is the Bible.  The more I am presented with false narratives, the more I want to know the true narrative of Scripture.  When a Tweet or Facebook post is presented, I wonder first how that narrative stacks against the narrative of Scripture.  When the news spews its own version of a false narrative, I want to remember only the narrative of life.  Webster’s definition speaks of a set of values, but a false narrative exists with a lack of values.
          The good news is that false narratives will eventually die.  False narratives have no power for life and thus have no power to continue forever.  The grass withers, the flower fades, and so do false narratives, but the Word of God stands forever (just a slight paraphrase of Isaiah 40.8).   What is your narrative?  What will be your narrative?  May our narrative begin with “Thus says the Lord...”  Amen.  *(




Sheri Daisey            07/01
Joe Allen            07/03
Logan Evans            07/03
John Putorek            07/08
Regetta Parsons        07/10
Mark Gatchell        07/19
Frances Sparks        07/20

The July birthday recognition will take place on July 22 after Worship Service.

Fred & Frances Sparks    07/03
John & Diana Putorek        07/07
David & Sheri Daisey        07/21
John & Donna Perry        07/25


Chancel  Flowers

July   1 - open
July   8 - open
July 15 - open
July 22 - open
July 29 - open

If  you would like to sponsor flowers for the worship service in memory or honor of a loved one,

please call the church office. 

The cost is $15.00. 

Ushers for July
Steve Farley
David Burks
Sammy Martin
Joe Swim

Coffee Hosts & Greeters

Beverly Stott & Belinda Burks

July Liturgists
July 1   – Pastor Ed
July 8 – Mitchell Lawhorn
July 15 – Joe Allen  
July 22 – Wilber Jones
July 29 – Bill Draper

Time With Children
         July  1 -  Pastor Ed
   July  8 - TBA
  July 15 - TBA
        July 22 - TBA
July 29 - TBA